Stand Up Paddle

Standing on the water

Stand Up Paddle or paddle board is a sport that has been recently introduced in Brazil. Created in Hawaii , Stand Up brings the surfing experience to all ages with a high technology board that facilitates flotation and balance.

Stand Up allows you literally to stand on water, really an incredible feeling and a magnificent view of the local nature. Come enjoy the Stand Up along side with Dolphins and sea turtles while you admire the beautiful cliffs and beaches in Pipa.

One of the great advantages of the Stand Up is its versatility. You can practice Stand Up in any lake, beach, make short or long trips, surf from small ripples to huge waves and also radical turns!! It’s a great option to a physical training , exercising ,toning arms , legs and abs, besides improving balance and concentrationClasses with Instructor Eduardo life long surfer with 8 years experience in Hawaiian waves and rescue.