Jiu Jitsu

The millennial art which is captivating Pipa’s public

Jiu-Jitsu in Pipa: Kimura Chikara Pipa

O Jiu-jitsu is a millennial art of self-defense created by Buddhist monks who went on long pilgrimages. Since the use of weapons was not permitted on these journeys, not even for defense, the monks created a form of fighting (self-defense) for use against marauders.

This art was created in India, and later became widespread in Japan, where it received the name, Jiu = gentle, jitsu = art, that is, Gentle Art. Jiu-jitsu arrived in Brazil with Count Koma, more precisely, in Belém, state of Pará, where its first point of contact was with a member of the Gracie family, who, after acquiring some experience of practice, transformed the art into an even more gentle form by employing leverage techniques, thus making it possible for small opponents to overcome bigger or stronger opponents in battle.

Brazil became the veritable country of Jiu-jitsu, with Brazilian Jiu-jitsu taking a step towards a more competitive art, and still today, it excels in all categories of professional Jiu-jitsu.

The sport has spread to countless towns in Brazil with a large number of practitioners, and today Praia de Pipa boasts the same quality of training as larger capitals.

In 2001 Marcelo Ferreira Martins Pinheiro, well known in the world of fighting and locally as “Marcel Caneta,” started work teaching and guiding this noble art within the district of Pipa.

The students distinguish themselves by the willingness and passion they devote to this art. Gilmark (Gil), a true local and exemplary representative of the district of Pipa, is a black belt, together with three others: Francisco Romualdo (also known as Paracuru), Evaldo (known as Testa), and Sandrinha (wife of Poli) — all graduated in Pipa with ten years of work. Next is Poli, brown belt instructor, who also does excellent work with the whole team.

During this training period in Pipa, the team participated in various regional competitions with top results, some reaching national acclaim, not only in jiu-jitsu, but in MMA as well.

Together with Jiu-jitsu, the combat sport Muay Thai is also strong in Pipa’s academy. Professor Filip Seymus of the Chikara team from Belgium (Filip’s country of origin), resident and teacher in Pipa for more than 10 years, has a veritable army of fighters, not only skilled on the floor but also in “trocação” em pé.

Marcelo Caneta, sixteen years athlete of the Kimura Nova União, wears his shirt with the pride and joy which is today shared by all in Pipa – a beautiful example of fighting, conscious sport and good health of which Pipa is proud. Pride in the excellent work of the whole team, only made possible by the help of all those mentioned and not mentioned here and who make up Pipa’s Kimura Chikara family.