In Pipa & Tibau you can find both types of Capoeira

ou can see Capoeira for yourself and even start at this philosophy.


Ginga, berimbau* and Capoeira circles began to become a part of everyday life in Pipa at the beginning of 1991 when master Telmo Anum, with his fellow Pernambucanos Carlinhos Ferraz, Barata, Marquinhos, André Milfon & Daingá formed the group “Quebra Coco”; practising regional Capoeira…
* (Capoeira terms. Ginga being a movement & berimbau the distinctive musical instrument seen at all Capoeira gatherings.. )

Little by little the community began to take an interest in the sound of the berimbau and the acrobatic movements of its adepts and soon there were more than thirty people training at the old “Forrozão do Chico” (now Pousada Sonho Meu). With time the Saturday circle began to be a familiar sight in the center of Pipa.

The nineties, however, were a time of change in the world of Capoeira and Angolan Capoeira ( see “How Angolan Capoeira differs from the Regional”) began to attract more adepts nationwide until at the end of 92 Barata & Marquinhos decided to go in search this different Capoeira. In the meantime Capoeaira had really taken off in Pipa and the group practicing Regional Capoeira flourished and opened a school..

Barata moved to Tibau and there he continued to study Angolan Capoeira until at the end of 98 he opened the Tibau do Sul branch of the “Grupo Espírito de Angola” which had been founded at the beginning of the year at “Fazenda Gavião” in Tarumirim in the state of Minas Gerais. Nowadays, this group (The Spirit of Angola) works with more than twenty people, both locals and visitors, with social & cultural aims and is working towards building its own centre. The group are under the orientation of master Morais of “Gcap” (the Angolan Capoeira group of Pelourinho) in Bahia.

Changes too occurred in the Regional group with the formation of “Quebra Coco-Raiz Brasil” in 2000. This group is run by Caboclo – one of the original local students who started to train at the beginning of the nineties. He trains more than thirty students at Pousada Sitio Verde under orientation from Master Ralil from Pernambuco…

Thanks to Barata & Caboclo for supplying the above information.