Paddling with dolphins and watch the sunset

The small boats that provide excellent contact with nature and great emotions can be used in fisheries, competitions or just for leisure. With a little effort, anyone can easily get a and already out there enjoying the contact with the exuberant nature.

Clear that Pipa would certainly have more one of several water sports, such as este.O main site where and offered kayak ride with stunning landscape is in Tibau do Sul, in Guarairas Lagoon.

Accompanied by trained guides, groups go to Tibau do Sul, in the flood of mare, having a stop bath and incursion in mangrove channels of the lagoon, and the return, with mare leaking to the place of departure.

Depending on the tide, this tour is contemplated with the famous sunset lagoon and still, the moon rises, almost simultaneous.

In addition to this point/location, you can find the sport on the Madeiro Beach and Dolphin Bay, where they are available for rent at affordable prices.

Always will be in good company, because the excited dolphins almost always appear to give them a warm welcome to visitors.


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Creative Cuisine - One of the most traditional and well known restaurants in Pipa

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Malemba Beach

Deserted and intact. Along the open sea, is straight, with coral, soft waves, soft white sand. Access is by ferry from Tibau do Sul Good for fishing and kite


The Great Egret (Ardea Alba) enchants us with its grace. It is a bird of the Pelecaniformes family, very common around lakes, rivers and wetlands.


Surfers reveal Pipa to the world