Kite Surf

Good winds in the encounter with the sea

The region of Tibau do Sul, Pipa and Barra do Cunhaú has been invaded recently by enormous coloured kites that lend a special charm to the local beaches. These kites are symbols of yet another sport that has met perfect conditions in the region: kitesurfing.

The vicinity of Pipa has attracted enthusiasts of this sport for its combination of constant winds throughout most of the year, its variety of terrains suitable for all levels of practitioners, its excellent lodging options, and its variety of available services.

The region offers conditions for beginners on deserted beaches absent of obstacles, lakes and rivers for completely smooth sailing, as well as ocean beaches with waves for more experienced practitioners.

The beach of Malembá, for example, in the Tibau do Sul region is preferred by novices because of its extensive stretch of beach protected by reefs that form a natural pool. Besides sailing on the open ocean on the outer side of the reefs, practitioners can also count on the sheltered pool area and wide band of sand ideal for learning.

The pool area is especially conducive to “body-dragging,” the process by which students are dragged in the water to “feel” and understand the wind and the sensibility of the sail.

For those interested in signing on, Pipa now offers several courses that prepare students in up to seven hours of instruction to stand upright on the board. Of course, much depends on the physical condition of each student.

Some manage to stand up in just a week, but to ensure that students grasp the kite dynamics, two weeks is the ideal period, with two hours of class per day. Classes generally include subject matter, safety, theory and practice, along with transportation to the beach where the course is held.

To practice in Pipa & Região:

Tibau do Sul: the perfect lake conditions for beginning and intermediate students. At the mouth of the sea, surf the waves breaking on the sandbanks. The stretch to the left of the sea opening offers 10K of ideal beach for beginners and intermediates to practice kitesurfing on waves, also excellent for its downwind.

Barra de Cunhau: river that empties into the sea and forms a sandbank. Allows kitesurfing on the river, ideal for beginners, intermediates and those who like smooth sailing. Some waves encountered at the mouth of the river.


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