Festival Gastronômico

Regional, national and international cuisine leaves the aroma in the air

A major annual attraction in Pipa is the Culinary Festival, now nine years strong. This October event launches the town’s summer season and attracts, from gourmets to tasters, thousands of visitors. Food industry representatives compete in the following categories: restaurants, bars & snack bars, and beach huts, totalling 30 participants–a number that grows with each new Festival. Sponsored by diverse business and governmental entities of local and state renown, such as the Municipal government and Municipal Secretary of Tourism.

In 2013, the Culinary Festival heads into its nineth edition, and more than just a jaunt through flavours, it also brings artistic, social, economic and tourist diversity for the town and environs, which take on a cosmopolitan air during the days of the event. Brandishing their Festival guides in the form of a recipe book, visitors become official tasters and participate in the popular jury in judging each entrant’s delicacies.

Besides the Festival, an attraction in itself, are the many parallel offerings such as culinary workshops, seminars, film showings, music and dance presentations, sports events and Mostra da Cachaça Potiguar, a tasting of regional cachaças, all in one spot–Fisherman’s Plaza in the heart of Pipa. For these reasons, the Culinary Festival of Pipa and Tibau do Sul offers a not-to-be-missed show of flavour and multiculturalism, in a region that has retained its cultural identity despite having embraced the world.


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