Bom para KiteSurf

Barra do Cunhaú

The perfect spot to Kite Surf

Isabel Fotografias

Photos for Weddings, book, parties, concerts, tours, gastronomy, hospitality

Dr. Kite School

Quick course for beginners, lasting 10 hours, classes of 2 to 3 hours daily

Kite Surf

Good winds in the encounter with the sea

Malemba Beach

Deserted and intact. Along the open sea, is straight, with coral, soft waves, soft white sand. Access is by ferry from Tibau do Sul Good for fishing and kite


Veja Também!


since 1989

Accepts Hyper CardMastercard acceptedVisa acceptedInternetSea view

Praia do Giz

Good for surfing. A good walk or ride. Practically deserted. That's where the tip of the Day Use Pirambu.

Marine Turtles

They’re very much at home here

Jiu Jitsu

The millennial art which is captivating Pipa’s public