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Enjoy what Pipa has to offer two

If you are coming to Pipa with your love seeking moments of intimacy and rest, you have chosen the right place. Here are our tips for couples who have two, three and five days to enjoy Pipa:


Couples with two days:

Day 1 – In the morning, go to Praia do Centro and relax in one of the kiosks that keep chairs and umbrellas on the sand, watching the beauty of the rising and falling tides.

Find out about the tides table that day to find the ideal time for you and your partner to walk to Baía dos Golfinhos , a beautiful walk that takes about 15 minutes.

On this beach, there is a great chance that you will see families of dolphins swimming very close to the coast. At high tide, marine turtles appear.

On both beaches there are kiosks that place tables and chairs on the sand and serve food and drinks, with more varied options at Praia do Centro.


Back to Praia do Centro, choose one of the several restaurants built on piles that are on the edge of the sea and serve delicious lunches.

Look at the page Gastronomy for restaurant tips in this region. Enjoy the walk around the beach to go downtown and shop at the market, pharmacy etc.



For the end of the afternoon, the tip is to watch the sunset at the Mirante Sunset Bar , which has an incredible view of Praia do Centro and is one of the best places to enjoy the sun setting in the region.

For dinner, choose one of the many restaurant options in Pipa on the Gastronomy page.


Day 2 – Rest well at night so that early the next day you will be well prepared for Jardineira 4×4 Tour , a full-day tour of various tourist spots in the region, such as Chapadão, cliffs of Minas Beach, Sibaúma Beach , the natural pools of Barrinha, Barra do Cunhaú, Ilha da Restinga, Cacimbinhas.

The day ends with the sunset on the banks of Lagoa Guaraíras . For dinner, we recommend once again choosing one of the delicious tips on our page Gastronomy .



Couples with three days:

Do you and your partner have three days to enjoy Pipa?

Good! In that case follow the tips from the two-day script above.

Day 3 – our tip is to get to know Praia do Amor , the best option to end a romantic stay in Pipa.

It is worth visiting the heart-shaped natural swimming pools, in what, in the opinion of some, is the most beautiful beach in Pipa.

Enjoy the afternoon to stroll through the Center and shop in the super cool shops of Pipa.



Couples with five days:

Did you manage to separate five days to get to know the beauties of Pipa with your love?

Then follow the tips we’ve already given for the first three days and on:


Day 4 – How about taking advantage of that you are in one of the best surf spots in Brazil and learn to surf?

After breakfast, visit the beautiful Praia do Madeiro and look for the Evolution Surf School , which rents equipment and offers surf lessons with boards, longboards and stand up paddle.

After spending so much energy, nothing better than a good lunch, and even better if it is at an affordable price: look on our Gastronomy page for simple and delicious food by the kilo near the Center.



For the afternoon, you can go to rest at the inn or stroll through the Center. There you will meet charming little shops set up by people from all over Brazil and the world who chose Pipa as their home with great options to give their love or friends and relatives.

After dinner, stop by the Tribus region, where the bars and houses with live shows are concentrated, such as the Agora Lounge Bar .

The ballad rolls in the street and goes on until around 1 am, when then everyone walks towards Boate Calangos, which is on the same main avenue, about 500 towards the south. There the party only ends after the day is born.


Day 5 – If you followed our tips the day before, it is unlikely that you will wake up early on your last day in Pipa … Barra do Cunhaú , a beach south of Pipa where there is a beautiful encounter between the Curimataú River and the sea.

The route between Pipa and Barra do Cunhaú can be done by car, motorcycle or taxi. There are several restaurants on site with good lunch options and it is worth taking the ferry crossing to enjoy the stunning view and try oysters from the Bar das Ostras, across the canal.


Veja Também!

4:20 Beach Bar

Beach, beautiful people and comfortable environment

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There’s nothing quite like a display of dolphin


Paddling with dolphins and watch the sunset