Gelateria Preciosa


The mission of the young Italian couple, creators of the ice cream parlour, is to meld the Italian art and tradition of ice cream making with Brazil’s panoply of fruits and flavours. 

The idea behind Gelateria Preciosa is to serve a creamy ice cream – as only Italian ice cream can be – in typical Italian flavours such as mascarpone with Nutella, stracciatella and pear with cinnamon and Nutella, as well as an array of Brazil flavours such as mangaba, araçá with guava, jackfruit and passion fruit mousse, coconut with capim santo, and caipirinha, among others.

Offering 16 flavours that change daily, and ever-new choices.

Finest ingredients and totally natural, without preservatives or artificial colours.

Av. Baia dos Golfinhos , 1074 , Praia da Pipa , TIBAU DO SUL
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