Dr. Kite School

Pedro Soares

Quick course for beginners, lasting 10 hours, classes of 2 to 3 hours daily

Quick course for beginners, lasting 10 hours, classes of 2 to 3 hours daily. Classes are taught in an excellent place for those just starting out, where the sea is shallow and calm, great for those looking for comfort and safety.

We offer kites of various sizes and other equipment for the practice of the sport, so that you do not stand still and can make the most of this incredible place.

Our school has a differentiated service, kite repairs made on the spot. Everything so you don’t miss a minute of your vacation or sailing. The repairs are done by a professional with more than 8 years of experience in kitesurfing.

Our team of assistants helps in the assembly / disassembly of the equipment, in the landing, take-off and offers all the support in the water, so that you have a smooth sailing. We also have the option of assisted sailing, in which our professionals accompany your sailing in a personalized way.

We have the privilege of providing an incredible downwind, in which you can visit beautiful beaches, such as Praia do Amor, the famous Praia de Pipa and Praia do Madeiro. It is an amazing experience, in which we can even find dolphins and turtles.

Av. do Pontal, 10 - Praia de Barra do Cunhaú, Canguaretama - RN, 59190-000
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