Personalities of the music, of the cinema and of history in general

Moreno Lizarraga Jansen, argentinean radicated in Brazil for 7 years, lived two years in São Paulo and later moved to Praia de Pipa where he acchieved his dream of having his own pizzeria. Other than the gastronomic art, Moreno is also prominent in painting. His works show personalities of the music, of the cinema and of history in general.

Using oil paint, the artist develops the portraits in black and white showing clearly the intensity of the lights, its contrasts and brightness, giving his canvases a result almost photographic.

His works can be seen in the gallery that he has inside the Shopping Vila Mangueira, on Avenida Baía dos Golfinhos and also on the different bars and restaurants, where the frames created by him give life to the streets of Pipa.

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Veja Também!

Cavalo de Fogo

Between the Guaraíras Lagoon and the Sea

Malemba Beach

Deserted and intact. Along the open sea, is straight, with coral, soft waves, soft white sand. Access is by ferry from Tibau do Sul Good for fishing and kite


Swift and enchanting


Speed and thrills on the dunes of Pipa