Barra do Cunhaú

The perfect spot to Kite Surf

Close your eyes and imagine a river flowing into a beach. Was the image that came to your mind paradisiacal and wonderful? His mind was right, this is Barra do Cunhaú . The beaches are calm and the extensive strip of almost deserted sand makes you feel in one of the most beautiful settings in the northeast of Brazilian soap operas.

In Barra you can choose a calm river bath in the waters of Curimataú or surf in the Pontal of the mouth of the bar. Kitesurfing and windsurfing are also the ideal place to practice, both on the river and on the beach.

How to get there:
Crossing the Rio Catú ferry via Sibaúma or the shrimp farm. Without cliffs, right after the ferry crossing you choose to swim in the waters of the Curimataú River or sail, surf in the Pontal da Barra mouth. Stunning scenery that inspires and brings a feeling of peace.