Tribus Bar

The meeting point for all Tribus

Fourteen years ago, in the heart of the paradisiacal Praia da Pipa, it was unexpectedly opened by a young woman in love with life, the Tribus Bar , who has been renewing and updating with each passing day, each client who captivates and each opinion you receive, in order to bring to everyone: joy, fun and great experiences.

Our name comes from the union of two words in English, “tribe” and “us” , making sense that we are all part of the same tribe, Tribus .

We recently renewed our menu by adding our menu of coffees, snacks and snacks to our varied and famous drinks, in addition to other drinks.

As great admirers of good music, we received several local musicians on different days of the week with repertoires that walk between Bossa Nova, MPB, Jazz, Rock and Pop Rock, nationally and internationally.

Feel like our special guest. It will be a pleasure to welcome you to our space!

There you have:

Avenida Baia dos Golfinhos, 767

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