Hotel Tibau Lagoa

If Pipa makes you dream, imagine waking up here.

Want to go somewhere different? Come to the Brazilian Northeast. Come to Hotel Tibau Lagoa in Tibau do Sul, (Pipa). Watch the sunset, take a dip in the warm waters of the ocean, fish the high seas, watch the locals dance zambe, spot dolphins from the viewpoint – all of this enriched by the presence of nature – the sea, the beaches, the lagoons and the dense Atlantic Forest.

Stay at the Tibau Lagoa Hotel and you’ll sleep peacefully, with the windows open in this safe, tranquil spot. Wake up and be bathed by the sunlight that reflects on the waters of Guarairas Lagoon. Right beside Pipa you can find paradise.

Come and see for yourself!

A magical, enchanting place where you can experience something different, breathe different air, try new tastes, discover something new. Maybe write a book….

Av. Guarairas, 899 - Tibau do Sul 
Rio Grande do Norte - Brasil

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