Tibau do Sul

Balcony of the meeting: lagoon and the sea

The activity of Tibau do Sul Beach – or Barra – is determined by the comings and goings of the ferry, one moment carrying buggy drivers arriving via the beach from Natal and who gather in Malembá/, and one moment carrying tourists to visit dunes on the northern shore, with the bustle of the stalls that sell the best of regional cuisine and seafood.

Tourists from around the country and the world along with local families are the patrons of this charmed meeting spot.

The shallow and calm waters of this section of Guaraíras lagoon, mixed with warm water from the Atlantic Ocean, provide the perfect entertainment for children, mainly thanks to the retaining wall that extends along this beach and subdues and makes mild the waves that break there, forming a huge natural pool.

Access is easy, by foot or by car, passing through the center of the town of Tibau do Sul.


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