Creative Cuisine - One of the most traditional and well known restaurants in Pipa

Tapas is one of the most traditional and well-known restaurants in Pipa that appeals to the palates of tourists from all over the world.

The portions of Tapas are served in small glass dishes that can remind you of Spanish tapas, but the similarities end there. In addition to the traditional meatballs, “tortillas” and aioli potatoes, the Tapas restaurant’s proposal was to gather recipes and ideas inspired by the most diverse and unusual cultures.

You will be surprised by the taste of the traditional Fresh Tuna with sesame crust and tare sauce , the flagship of the house, with the ceviche different or in combinations such as Indian rice “Kashimir Pulao” and fish fillet with curry < / em> , mango chutney and the Greek yogurt sauce “Tzatzic”.

Everything prepared in the kitchen of the Tapas restaurant is made with fresh, quality ingredients!

Esquina da Av. Baia dos Golfinhos com a Rua dos Bem Te Vis
Praia de Pipa - Centro

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