Arte e Cultura

Disk Flores e Cestas

Surprise your loved ones with Flowers

Jiu Jitsu

The millennial art which is captivating Pipa’s public

Antônio Pequeno

The great poet of Pipa


Every year, literature and art invade Pipa

Fest Bossa & Jazz

O Maior evento de Jazz do Nordeste

Saint Sebastian Party

Saint Sebastian Party - 18,19 & 20 January

Capoeira Angola

Values respect for space

N.Sª dos Navegantes

A demostration of faith

Costume Party

Choose your costume and enjoy

Carnival in Pipa Beach

During the holiday Pipa is visited by those who are looking to escape from the agitation of Carnival. But when Ash Wednesday...


In Pipa & Tibau you can find both types of Capoeira

Manchas em Movimento

Regional themes and cultural sensibilities, with vibrant traces resonating with life mark the series