The old village quilombo

Sibaúma is a village originated from an old slave settlement, which has preserved its traditions and the fighting spirit of its people. Fishing is a principal activity, but tourism has already arrived in the form of a few pleasant inns, bars and beach huts.

The sea breeze is constant and the beach is composed of fine sand distributed along a long strip with gently breaking waves. Formations of rock slabs also contribute to surf conditions that at times attract the local surfers.

At the mouth of the River Catú, which separates the district of Tibau do Sul from that of Canguaretama, visitors put out their lounge chairs at low tide and revel in the sun at the point where fresh water and salt water mingle.

The stalls serve delicious fish and shrimp accompanied by coconut water or an ice-cold beer. The Catú can be crossed on foot at low tide or by car on one of the single-vehicle