Festas Juninas

June Parties in Pipa

If you’re not from around here you could be surprised by the local June parties. The letting off of small bangers and the smoke from the many bonfires lit in front of houses on the streets is tradition in the state.

They are representations of the locals’ devotion of the saints with days in June; Saint Anthony (13th), Saint John (The Baptist) on the 24th and Saint Peter (29th).

Everyone has a great deal of fun, both locals and visitors, as they dance till they’re breathless to please the saints. The parties start in Tibau do Sul with homage paid to their patron – Saint Anthony. Then (between the 24th & 26th ) Pipa celebrates Saint John & St Peter’s days with quadrilhas (square dancing) and all sorts of Northeastern fun and games. It’s enough to take your breath away!


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