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A perfect place to hang out with friends

Pipa is very popular with groups of friends who come here together and stay together in hostels or rented houses. If that’s your case, pay attention to our tips for groups that have two, three and five days to enjoy Pipa and have fun!


Groups with two days:

Day 1 – On the first day, our tip is to always start with the basics: get to know Praia do Centro and see dolphins on Baia dos Golfinhos , two beaches close to each other and with calmer waters.

Check the tides table the day before to schedule the time you and your friends will walk from the Centro. to the Dolphins (beach that can only be reached by walking from the Center), since the route can only be done during low tide hours.

On both beaches there are kiosks that place tables and chairs on the sand and serve food and drinks, with more varied options in Praia do Centro.

You will be just a few steps from the center of the village, where everything happens and you can enjoy shopping at pharmacies, markets etc. after the beach.

For lunch, look at our Gastronomia delicious food tips near the Center. Rest in the afternoon to be ready for the nightlife.

After dinner (there are many options on the Gastronomy page), party! The party starts around 9 pm in the Tribus region and in nearby bars such as the Ágora Lounge Bar.

The movement there lasts until 1 am, when the address changes and everyone goes up the street to reach the Boate Calangos where, in addition to the nightclub, there are other bars. The party goes on until morning.


Day 2 – The tip for you and your group of friends on the second day is to meet the famous (and beautiful) Praia do Madeiro , which is further away from the center, but which can be easily accessed with taxis or vans. It is worth the hint that to get to the beach it takes some physical preparation to go down (and then go up …) a long stairway, as Madeiro is under the cliffs.

Unsuccessful ladder, it can be fun trying to learn to surf on what is the best beach in the region for surfing for beginners. Look for the Evolution Surf School staff, who rent the equipment and offer surf lessons with boards, longboards and stand up paddle and have a fun day with the guys.


And how about watching the sunset with the best view of Pipa at Mirante Sunset Bar The bar is on the hillside in front to Praia do Centro and open from 4 pm to 7 pm, serving drinks and snacks and with live music on weekends.

If you have a pique, the tip for the night is to enjoy the ballad, as we indicated the day before.

Groups with three days:

How cool, you have three days at Pipa! So follow the tips for two days and:

Day 3 – Take a full-day tour of the most beautiful places in the Pipa region: the Adventure Day with ATV. The adventure begins in the morning with ziplining in a forest reserve near Pipa.

From there, take your quads and drive until Barra do Cunhaú , passing by Chapadão and Sibaúma , stopping to bathe in the natural pools.

Lunch is at a resort restaurant that includes various activities such as kayaking, horseback riding, archery, volleyball and slackline.

Groups with five days:

If you are lucky enough to have five or more days in Pipa, follow the previous tips and:

Day 4 – Invite the staff to spend the day at Praia de Tibau do Sul, at the meeting of the sea with Lagoa de Guraraíras .

It is one of the most beautiful places in the region and you can choose to sit at the tables of the various kiosks that exist on the site and that offer different options for lunch, snacks and drinks.

Find out the day before the kayak tour schedule at Lagoa Guaraíras on this day.

This is an adventure that lasts about four hours and happens each day at a different time, as it depends on the tide of the day. Perhaps not everyone in the group wants to participate in the tour, which requires some physical training to row. In that case, whoever is not can wait for the others on the beach.

For dinner, choose one of the many restaurant options in Pipa on our Gastronomy page.


Day 5 – Now that you’ve seen Praia do Centro, seen dolphins at Baía dos Golfinhos, surfed at Praia do Madeiro, and enjoyed the beauties of Sibaúma and Barra do Cunhaú , just missing get to know Praia do Amor .

This beach has a spectacular view and good waves for surfing. The highlight is the natural and heart-shaped pools that form at low tide. You can eat right there, at the tables of the kiosks on the beach, or walk to the Center to have lunch, taking advantage of the tips of the page Gastronomy .

It is worth saying goodbye to Pipa’s night following the tips of Day 1.


Veja Também!

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Mirante Sunset Bar

Mandatory stop at Praia da Pipa!

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