Family Roadmap

Enjoying paradise with family

Another type of tourist that we see a lot on the streets of Pipa are families: one or two couples from the same family with children and teenagers, often accompanied by their grandparents. Pipa also offers many options for this type of visitor, and below you can see our tips for this group:

Families with two days:

Day 1 – We recommend starting with Praia do Centro and Baia dos Golfinhos . They are neighboring beaches with calm waters, but to walk to the Baia dos Golfinhos you need to check the tide table the day before as the route must be done during low tide hours.

It is an easy walk that can be done even by elderly people in good health and young children. In the two beaches it is possible to accommodate the family in chairs that traders place on the sand, but the options in the Center are more comfortable. At the exit of the beach you can go through the center of Pipa to shop.

Choose one of the self-service or a la carte restaurants there to have lunch among the options on our Gastronomia page .

Rest in the afternoon and return to the Center at the beginning of the night to discover the interesting commerce of Pipa, with unique shops and exclusive articles that yield special gifts to take home.

There are many dining options on our Gastronomy page , with options for all tastes and budgets.

Day 2 – On the second day, get ready for the morning to enter the adventure of Jeep 4×4 Camaro Yellow tour .

The tour includes Chapadão, Praia das Minas, Sibaúma, Barra do Cunhaú, Cacimbinhas and Tibau do Sul, passing by natural pools, including river bath, skibunda, sandboard, ending with a beautiful sunset in the dunes and crepes on the banks of Lagoa Guaraíras.

For dinner, we recommend once again choosing one of the delicious tips from our Gastronomia page .

Families with three days:

If you and your family have three days in Pipa, good! In this case follow the tips for two days and:

Day 3 – How about taking the family to visit the Pipa Ecological Sanctuary ? It is a reserve with more than 80 hectares on top of the cliffs right at the entrance of Pipa, with many trails, viewpoints with incredible views and even a natural museum.

If you are driving, the place has parking, but the route can also be done in a short taxi ride.

The reserve has existed since 1991 and preserves some of the most important species of fauna and flora in the region. After the tour you can return to the city, but the best thing is to go straight to Praia do Madeiro for an exclusive access, a stairway for visitors to the Sanctuary.

But note that this staircase is very rustic and is not recommended for people with limited mobility. In addition to the stunning beauty, Madeiro is one of the best beaches in the region to learn to surf, with several surf schools for children and adults.

If you do the full tour, it is interesting to bring a snack or snack on Madeiro’s kiosks.

After the beach it’s time to go up the stairs. If you do not have a car at the Sanctuary, you can use another public staircase and, from the road, return to the center with vans or taxis. It is only about 4 km.

Families with five days:

You and your family have five days in Pipa. Great news! In this case, take advantage of the previous tips and then:

Day 4 – An excellent tour for families with children and teenagers is to try the Tree climbing with zipline in a forest reserve near Pipa.

The area is full of suspended trails and the guided walk ends with an exciting trip on a 300 meter zip line. You will return to Pipa around lunchtime and the tip for lunch that day are the restaurants that are by the sea in Praia do Centro, with a beautiful view and several options.

For the end of the afternoon we recommend the best view of the region’s sunset at Mirante Sunset Bar . The bar is on the hillside in front of Praia do Centro and is open from 4 pm to 7 pm, serving drinks and snacks and with live music on weekends.

Day 5 – Say goodbye to Pipa with your family enjoying a nice day at Tibau do Sul Beach, meeting the sea with Lagoa Guaraíras .

There are many options of kiosks that serve snacks and full lunches, amidst a stunning look. If your people are physically fit, schedule a kayak tour at Lagoa Guaraíras the day before.

This tour depends on the tide and that is why it happens every day at a different time. It is possible to take children in double kayaks, but in this case the adult will need to row twice … For dinner, choose one of the many options of restaurants in Pipa in our Gastronomy page .


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