Sorveteria Real de 14

it's life, it's color, it's flavor, it's movement

It was in the Argentine city of Córdoba, recognized worldwide for its culture and sublimity in the production of artisanal ice cream, that the 2 founders of Real de 14 were born.

Still very young, and with a remarkable adventurous spirit, they decided to start their trips in the discovery of new cultures. , new civilizations and different realities.

They traveled many kilometers through different countries and different villages, and the various experiences proved to be unforgettable.

But what most marked them was undoubtedly a small town, located at an altitude of 2750 meters in northern Mexico, called “Real de Catorce”.

With a millenary heritage, this village lives strongly linked to nature, being recognized for keeping its ancestral traditions alive.

And since Real 14’s handmade ice cream is life, it’s color, it’s flavor, it’s movement… and this chain couldn’t stop, the Ice Cream Shop was acquired in 2009 by Portuguese, under a commitment to keep all the work developed original, improving through new facilities and the creation of new products, always following the artisanal production line, and guaranteeing a high standard of quality and hygiene.

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Praia da Pipa - Rio Grande do Norte - Brasil
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