Praia do Giz

Good for surfing. A good walk or ride. Practically deserted. That's where the tip of the Day Use Pirambu.

Just beyond the beach stalls of Tibau do Sul begins Giz beach. Perfect for bathing, quiet, with a long strip of sand running along the start of the area’s famous cliffs.

At Giz, fishermen on dark moon nights, prepare the traditional “crab in the beam.” The stone crab is the species of crab that invades that beach on nights of waxing and waning moons.

Thus on given nights, the locals gather and burn pieces of old tires in an open bin, illuminating the whole beach and stunning the aratus, which are easily caught. The people then prepare the delicacy amid much animation. Access to Giz beach is easy, being right next to Tibau and reachable by the same means of transport or on foot.


Veja Também!


Combination of flavors and textures in creative dishes that surprise the palate

Malemba Beach

Deserted and intact. Along the open sea, is straight, with coral, soft waves, soft white sand. Access is by ferry from Tibau do Sul Good for fishing and kite