Pipas Bay

Pipa's Bay Hotel is the first hotel by the sea in the region

Pipa’s Bay Hotel is the first hotel by the sea in the region. Located at Center Beach in Pipa, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, the hotel is a great enterprise with quality standard and confort. Pipa’s Bay Hotel is the new atractive hotel that comes to Pipa to bring even more value to the local tourism.

The 65 suites, spectacle in a paradisiacal place, where Pipa´s Bay Hotel was wisely built. Other than being the only hotel in Pipa with a lift, all its structure was molded carefully to receive the guests better. The hotel also has a team of professionals qualified for the various services offered.

Pipa’s Bay Hotel works with the implementation of other services, to be even better in the infra-structure that attracts people so much. Very cozy, creative, sofisticated and with a quality presentation, it will be hard to chose another hotel to stay while in Pipa, other than Pipas´Bay Hotel.

Largo são Sebastião, S/N 

Rio Grande do Norte - Praia da Pipa

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