Oba Yakisoba

Offers the best of Japanese cuisine in Pipa

The charming little house on a narrow hillside street in Pipa offers an appetizer of tofu prepared on the premises and served with ginger, green onion and grated fish. Another menu option is shitake sautéed in butter with green onion.

The main attraction is the typical dish of Japanese cuisine and the restaurant’s namesake, yakissoba, which can be served with meat, chicken, vegetables or a mixed blend of all three, or with shrimp. For accompaniment, order a sake “caipirinha” with lychee, and wrap up the meal with coconut ice cream topped with a sauce of candied ginger and orange drops.

Av. Baia dos Golfinhos, 234
Vila Kanto da Pipa
Rio Grande do Norte - Praia de Pipa

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