The best of Pipa happens at night

When it comes to nightlife, Pipa knows how to seduce. Hanging out on its small and cozy cobblestone streets is almost like being on a world tour. Here you will find diverse and vibrant tastes and colors brought to you by people and establishments of various nationalities and regions.

The bars and restaurants with their varied menus, welcoming decoration, and enticing aromas are irresistible. Here you will also find colorfully lit shops typical of the region, as well as glamorous boutiques which bring a special charm to the town.

For those who like to people watch, one need only choose a spot on the street and interact with passersby. Later on in the evening, the best place to go is the famous Calangos nightclub, where people meet to dance and flirt.

Beautiful people, good music and lots of fun are guaranteed in Pipa, a place which satisfies all the senses.

Manchas em Movimento

Regional themes and cultural sensibilities, with vibrant traces resonating with life mark the series

Mikroponto Bar

D R I N K S & M U S I C


Live Music and Djs in the center of Pipa

Tribus Bar

The meeting point for all Tribus


Orishas Pipa

Strategic point for the sunset in Pipa


Creative Cuisine - One of the most traditional and well known restaurants in Pipa

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