Swimming with contemplation

Swimming !

Those who like to exercise know well that this is considered to be the most complete activity. That’s right! In terms of health, the powerful aerobic exercise benefits all cardiovascular and respiratory system, develops coordination and muscle strength and also offers immense relaxation recommended to all ages.

Pipa, several residents and visitors live this new wave of health and well being, either because are frequent swimmers or even just cause the surroundings promote that feeling in everyone.

Conjunction of calm sea with friendly dolphins, turtles and beautiful cliffs makes it the perfect place to practice this useful and extremely pleasant activity.

Ideal spot to swim is the calm Dolphins Bay (Baia dos Golfinhos), which doesn’t have strong currents, turning it in a big pool and many just stay in the sea swimming from one side to the other.

For the adventure lovers that like the feeling of freedom, without giving up safety, join in the group of swimmers that daily, at around 7:30am, leave the port, next to Downtown Beach (Praia do Centro) and swim in open sea, following the current direction, to the Dolphins Bay(2KM).

The way this encounter started is at least funny. Mauro, a carioca (born in Rio de Janeiro) but Pipa resident, tells that everyday he used to walk on the beach and play with a Dalmatian dog, owned by Marcia his housemate, throwing coconuts for the dog to fetch. One day, Ziggy (the Dalmatian), went to fetch a coconut in the sea and didn’t want to get back out, so Mauro had to go in the sea and he followed the dog, they were carried by the currents from there to the Dolphins Bay. That’s how this event started and since then swim lovers keep the adventure going.

Is a 45 minute indescribable adventure.