Nadja Dias

The most requested artist in Pipa

It was a blessing for Pipa when Nadja Dias, tired of the cold in Holland, left the first world behind her and came back to Brazil to pursue her art here. Pipa has not been the same since the arrival of this Gaúcha* whose painting, sculpture, work in mosaic and interior design has taken it by storm.

In just two years her style is well known locally and together with her partner Berna (see Bernardo Garcia) she has been responsible for more than 22 projects in Pipa.
The indisputable value of her work is clear on examining the decorations of: Blue Bar, Farol da Pipa, Aruman(Pancake House), Pacifico and Al Buchetto restaurants, Barraca Travessia (by the ferry in Tibau), Real 14 (Icecream Parlour) and at Yahoo and Pousada Mirante de Pipa.

(Rio Grande do Sul)

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Veja Também!

Casa de Farinha

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Barra do Cunhaú

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The Great Egret (Ardea Alba) enchants us with its grace. It is a bird of the Pelecaniformes family, very common around lakes, rivers and wetlands.