The main events in Paradise

From January to December … Music and gastronomy festivals, popular parties, concerts, sporting events, fairs.
Learn what happens during the year in our paradise !!

New Year`s

New year in paradise

Birth of Sea Turtles

Sea turtles also like to come to Pipa!

Shrimp and Oyster Encounter

Shrimps and oysters are the stars of this meeting!

Holiday 7th September

September 7 has a busy schedule in Praia da Pipa

Festival Gastronômico

Regional, national and international cuisine leaves the aroma in the air

Street race

Pipa is also a destination for race lovers

Fest Bossa & Jazz

O Maior evento de Jazz do Nordeste

N.Sª dos Navegantes

A demostration of faith

Feriado Semana Santa

O feriado da Semana Santa está entre os mais procurados da Pipa

Costume Party

Choose your costume and enjoy

Saint Sebastian Party

Saint Sebastian Party - 18,19 & 20 January


Every year, literature and art invade Pipa

Carnival in Pipa Beach

During the holiday Pipa is visited by those who are looking to escape from the agitation of Carnival. But when Ash Wednesday...