From The woods to the sea, Pipa Beach is a wonderland

If you’re looking for contact with nature rest assured that Pipa has it all from walks through native Atlantic forest (see Trails under the Nature Sanctuary) to the clear waters of the sea home to dolphins and turtles alike.
The praia do madeiro and Dolphin Bay are favourite spots of those leaping mammals also known as grey nose and Tucuxi who are found as well in the Amazon and in Guanabara Bay.

At present Projeto Botos de Pipa (from the Federal University of RN) are monitoring our dolphins whereas our turtles are under the protection of Projeto Tamar ( a national project for the preservation of turtles).

Only this year members of this project have found and monitored 150 turtles nests along our shores accompanying the newly hatched turtles to the sea. Considering that the adult turtle can lay 120 eggs in each nest, on average, this means that between 2001 and 2003 more than 40,000 newly hatched turtles ran across our beaches to the sea.

Masked Water-Tyrant

Sing and enchant in Praia da Pipa

Marine Turtles

They’re very much at home here


Colors in sky


Our opossum


Important for ecological balance


There’s nothing quite like a display of dolphin


Swift and enchanting


The Great Egret (Ardea Alba) enchants us with its grace. It is a bird of the Pelecaniformes family, very common around lakes, rivers and wetlands.


A curious imitator


Dinosaurs of Pipa


Veja Também!

R$starting at R $ 30,00

Mirante Sunset Bar

Mandatory stop at Praia da Pipa!

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