Cavalo de Fogo

Between the Guaraíras Lagoon and the Sea

Located by the sea and lagoon, in a strategic point in Tibau do Sul, the Cavalo de Fogo has a wide and cozy environment, on one side the Lagoa Guaraíras and on the other the Praia from Tibau do Sul.

ver 10 years in the gastronomic scenario of Pipa, with fragments of Rio de a Plata’s culinary (Argentina and Uruguay) and Italy, added to the colors, spices and the joy of Rio Grande do Norte.

Throughout this period we have accumulated experience, changed our name and our location a few times, but always kept our quality and love.

Our specialties are: Fish, Beef cut, Seafood, Oyster, Mussel, Risottos and Spaghetti Italian)

Esquina entre a Praia de Tibau do Sul e a  Lagoa Guaraíras
Rio Grande do Norte - Brasil

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