Dimension of the contemplation

At Cacimbinhas beach kite surfers are found in great numbers, embellishing sea and sky with their colours and deft movements. As a beach with deeper waters and constant wind, being a more open bay, only experienced swimmers should venture in its waters.

The wide, fine-sand beach allows access to the top of the cliffs by stairs and to the RN-003 roadway that borders the Cacimbinhas dunes. These dunes are uniquely situated and from their heights offer views of the entire coastline between Tibau do Sul and Pipa. Horseback rides at sunset lend a touch of magic and romance to the place. Sandboarding and sand sledding are suggestions for guaranteed moments of fun.

The looming cliffs that extend from Cacimbinhas to Madeiro beach offer the most visited lookout point, as they provide a glimpse of the bounty of nature that graces this place. Oh, and if you’re lucky, a dolphin will appear in the distance to greet you.

Obs: The name cacimbinhas originated in cacimbas that existed at the foot of the cliff and was widely used to quench thirst of the fishermen who passed by there .