Riding in the breeze of the ocean


This route was created to be an entry door for Pipa through the south coast, developed to adventurers with the minimum of physical conditioning.

The Love Beach is our starting point, and we initiate our trip at Chapadão, riding exclusively through the cliffs, enjoying a unique view, with the maximum altitude at 40m above sea level, which is always at sight of the cyclist. The cliff has hard ground, uneven with small areas of sand, which requires a bit of a technical pedaling, but still easy and pleasant with constant wind and sun. In the case of a low tide, it is possible to ride through the hard sand of Minas Beach (6km of desert beach), one of the main areas for sea turtles spawn, managed by Tamar Project.

After 7km of pedaling, our destination is the village of Sibaúma, ancient Quilombola area, currently a fishing village populated with mostly black people, descendants of slaves who took refuge for many years in this region atthe time of slavery.


We leave from Love Beach towards Chapadão, having one of the most beautiful overlooks of Pipa, with a view ofthe south coast and Love Beach. Next we go on pedaling through the new streets of Pipa, passing by lovely inns and houses, getting to know a bit more of one of the most charming villages of Brazil. Continuing through the clay streets and sidewalks we go all the way around Pipa to get to the Ecological Sanctuary,base of Tamar project (sea turtles), where we visit its trails and lookouts of Madeiro Beach, and get to see the dolphins and sea turtles. After the visit we return to Pipa through its main street with final destination Beach Love.

Duration: 2 and a half hour
Distance: 10km
Advance of booking: 1 Day
Departures: in the morning and in the afternoon
Includes: Specialized tour guide, equipments (Bike Kona, helmet and gloves), entrance to the Sanctuary
What to bring: Water and sunscreen
Difficulty level: Easy


Nesse passeio nos deslocamos no sentido norte de Pipa, feito apenas em maré bem baixa, pois seguimos pela areia dura a partir da praia do centro passando pelo porto de Pipa e depois chegamos a Baia dos Golfinhos(Curral), uma parada para contemplar e nadar ao lado dos golfinhos. Seguimos pela baia tendo a nossa direita os golfinhos de Pipa e a esquerda toda beleza das falésias protegidas pelo Santuário Ecológico de Pipa, falésias que fazem parte de todo o roteiro de 8km passando pela Praia do Madeiro até Tibau do Sul. Lá estará a nossa espera o Buggy que nos levará de volta por estrada, porém antes paramos nas dunas das Cacimbinhas onde fazemos o Sand Board, diversão garantida para enfim retornarmos a Pipa.

Duração da atividade: 04h
Distância: 08km (bike)
Antecedência de reserva: 1 dia
Saídas: Manhã e tarde
Inclui: Guia especializado, equipamentos (Bike Kona, capacete e luva), água mineral. 
O que levar: Roupas leves, protetor solar e roupas de banho.
Nível de dificuldade: Fácil 
Máx: 4 pessoas


Leaving from Love Beach we move on to the route of the cliffs towards the south coast, passing by Chapadão, the cyclists ride all the time with a sea view. Depending on the tide we can ride through the beach or over the cliffs for 6km until Sibaúma, where bathing at the encounter of Rio Catu with the ocean, along with natural pools, is absolutely necessary. The best way to come back will be indicated by the tour guide.

Duração da atividade: 2 ½ h
Distância: 14km
Antecedência de reserva: 01 dia
Saídas: Manhãs e tardes.
Inclui: Guia especializado, equipamentos (Bike Kona, capacete e luva).
O que levar: Roupas leves e de banho e protetor solar.
Nível de dificuldade: Fácil (necessário mínimo de condicionamento físico)


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