Colors in sky

The Great Kiskadee – yet another of Pipa’s attractions for you.

The most popular bird of our country, and very present in Praia da Pipa, the “bem-te-vi” (Great Kiskadee) has regular rounded wings and elongated tail.

Its legs are small and its toes have strong, elongated nails. It measures 25 centimeters, and has a brown back and yellow-colored belly, white eyebrows and a stripe on the crown of its head which varies in color from light yellow to bright orange.

The name of this bird has its origins in the curious song it produces, similar to the pronunciation of the words “bem te vi” (I see you).

One of the most popular birds of Brazil, the bem-ti-vi usually builds its nest in a visible place, constructed of all kinds of plants, often with grass.

This bird defends its nest vigorously, and can be aggressive towards other birds even if it doesn’t have a nest. They are monogamous, and during the nesting period zealously defend surrounding territory.

It is common to see them chasing and driving away other birds, especially owls and birds of prey.

Their diet consists mainly of insects and fruits, even including fish. They eat all sorts of food, devour hundreds of insects a day, as well as fruit and flowers from gardens, eggs of other birds, worms and other animals (even snakes).

It can be said that the spirit of this species strongly resembles that of the Brazilian people. Scandalously charming, this bird’s strident song attracts the attention of those who are unfamiliar with its well-known sound track.

Of strong personality, always visibly and audibly present within the community of Pipa, its clever and entertaining behavior attracts notice, whether it be from the top of the cliffs, amongst the rocks along the beach or in homes and shops.