Barraca da Neide

Come to Taste Delight Seafood and Regionals Dishes

Located on the downtown beach, seaside, the Tent of Neide serves a regional food that tastes wonderful. The appetizer highlights the soups, sururu fish, octopus, fish, crab … with the best seafood from the sea directly to the table.

To accompany a beer, a juice or a drink, snacks such as “isca de peixe”(small pieces of fried fish), gar, fries, cheese fritter, cod, manioc.. in addition the good old crab, that cannot be missing in a “potiguar” beach tent.

Among the main dishes, always a fish of the day, prawns, seafood and especially the recipe “Mixture of the sea“, that combines braised sururu fish and prawns prepared in Cognac.

The chef and owner, Marineide Marinho, known to all by Neide, is always present for the quality to be excellent at any time.

There you have:

Largo São Sebastião - Beira Mar da Praia do Centro
Pipa - Rio Grande do Norte - Brasil


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